Breco Was Fantastic

4 electrical outlets kept going on and off for weeks until they all went dead. My life bulbs in those areas kept popping like popcorn and going out. Breco was fantastic. He listened attentively while I explained this problem. H was really patient with me as I asked many questions, even while he was working. Gotta love an electrician like that. He went the extra mile and even siliconed around an outdoor outlet that had gone dead, after fixing the wiring in the breaker box.

He replaced a dangerously loose outlet that was not on my list, when I called in the job. He tested and retested everything and told me to call if anything wasn’t working. He even helped me shut down my computer to make sure I didn’t lose anything, before he turned off the breaker to that part of the house.

When he was finished and I asked him could he help me bring the computer back up, he gladly did that too. I am nealry 70 yrs old and don’t know much about the computer end of it but Breco sure knew what to do. I was really grateful to him for that.

Breco showed up on time and called me several times while he was on his way, so I didn’t have to wait for him at home. While there he gave me lots of helpful advice on things to do with my electric and how to keep things up and running.

Yes I recommend Breco with BW Electric. Showed up on time and kept me informed of everything. I will keep Breco as my Electrician.