Electrical Troubleshooting

Could Help If you are experiencing problems with the electrical in your home not working properly, it is always best to leave the diagnosis of the problem up to a certified electrician like BW Electric Company Fort Worth. It can be extremely difficult to diagnose an electrical problem if there is no obvious damage, like a broken outlet or a cut wire. There are many points from where the electricity comes into your house from the pole, to the breaker panel to each of the outlets and fixtures connected to the home’s wiring where something can be causing a problem. This is where electrical troubleshooting comes in.

Troubleshooting your own electrical is not always something you should do, but you can help narrow it down to give BW Electric Company Fort Worth a better idea of where the problem seems to be focused. The following tips can help you identify where the problem lies and in some cases, an easy fix you can do yourself.

  1. Check the breaker. This is always the first step and can eliminate the need for an electrician. If it is tripped, reset it. If the breaker continually trips, you have a problem that will need to be addressed by an electrician.
  2. If the outlet is a GFCI (the kind with the two buttons in the center), press the reset button and then test to see if the lights and power in the room work again.
  3. If you believe an outlet is faulty because an appliance doesn’t work, try plugging in a lamp you have tested and know to work. This can help narrow down where the problem lies.
  4. If one of your circuit breakers is tripping off, it may not be a problem with your electrical system, it may be that one of your devices that is plugged into on of the electrical outlets is bad. The way to check for this is to unplug everything that is currently running on that circuit. Begin plugging in and using items one by one i.e. plug in toaster, microwave, coffee maker until the breaker trips. This is information your electrician will use to determine if it is an overload or a weak breaker.
  5. A last resort, which should only be attempted if you know for a fact the electricity has been shut off, is to check the wiring itself. Pull off an outlet and check for loose wires behind the outlet cover. You can also check to see if a light fixture is loose just by giving it a good wiggle.

certified electrician will have the tools necessary to check connections and determine if electricity is reaching the outlets and switches, without having to go through most of these steps.

Scheduling an electrical inspection with BW Electric Company Fort Worth is a great way for you to get a professional opinion about any electrical problems that may be looming in your home. This gives you the opportunity to have critical repairs before they become serious. You can trust your electrician to troubleshoot and repair any electrical problems so your home is safe again.


An electrical circuit is a very important device in every home. It is the path through which electricity goes from a power source to an appliance and vice versa.

Are you a property owner planning to install a new electrical circuit in your home? If yes, then you have come to the right place. At BW Electric Company Fort Worth, our technicians take pride in knowing when it is necessary to add a new circuit and how to do the job in the cleanest and most efficient way.

As a property owner, it is advisable to always contact a professional company like BW Electric Company Fort Worth to help you with your electrical needs.  Any residential property must have a solid electrical circuit and, thanks to the team of expert electricians at BW Electric Company Fort Worth, we have a reliable and efficient service. We will assist you in setting up your electrical circuits. We have a team of electrical professionals who understand the process of installing an electrical circuit. They will ensure that your system is installed safely and efficiently.

Apart from circuit installation and repair services, the experts at BW Electric Company Fort Worth are proud to offer a wide range of electrical services and some of these include the following:

  • Residential Services
  • Commercial Services
  • Service Calls
  • New Circuits
  • Lighting installation
  • Electrical rewiring
  • Building Renovations
  • Electrical Testing Services
  • Electrical Repairs & Installations
  • Regular Electrical Maintenance

If you have a home improvement or upgrade project in Fort Worth, that requires electrical design, circuit installation or maintenance services, you will need the assistance of the experts at BW Electric Company Fort Worth. Our  team of residential electricians are available to handle all home owner electrical problems.

With over 15 years of industry experience, professional equipment, and outstanding customer support service, you can be sure that we are the right company for your electrical project.

Feel free to contact BW Electric Company Fort Worth, today for more information.


You may not even realize that the panel is substandard, unsafe or not adequate enough. Getting more information, will help you determine whether you would benefit from an inspection to determine the current condition of your electric panel.

What is an Electric Panel?

This is the metal box on the outside of your home or in your basement, utility room, where you electric meter is. Your electric panel holds a series of circuit breakers. The panel is responsible for directing the electricity that comes in from the main power supply from the electric company outside your home throughout your house via those various breakers. Each breaker has a job as well, distributing smaller amounts of electricity to outlets and light switches throughout the home. The electrical panel, also known as a circuit breaker box, is the brains of your electricity and manages a series of outlets and switches in a section or room of the house.

Signs Your Electrical Panel Needs Replacing

Even if a panel appears to be working okay or you don’t think you’ve had any ‘real’ problems with it, there could be underlying issues. Because an electric panel is so important to the normal, daily function of everything you do in your house, it is important it is in good condition. There is also the safety factor that must be considered. An outdated or bad panel can be a fire risk or electric shock risk. A bad panel is not something to be taken lightly or ignored.

The following are some of the signs of a panel that is in need of replacing.

  • Wires melted inside the box
  • Flickering lights, especially lights that flicker when you are running the microwave, air conditioner, or another appliance
  • Breakers that regularly trip for no reason or when you use two appliances at the same time
  • A breaker that DOESN’T trip when the circuit is interrupted, which causes an electric shock when using an appliance or results in sparking
  • Rust or corrosion on the panel itself or the breakers
  • Crackling sounds coming from the breaker panel (indicating burning wires)
  • Appliances running at less power; a refrigerator compressor may come on more frequently than it should, when the refrigerator compressor kicks on, lights may dim
  • Large appliances, like the heater or AC, won’t run properly because there isn’t enough electricity
  • The panel is hot to the touch
  • Smoke coming from the panel or the smell of smoke coming from around the area where the panel is located

Reasons to Replace an Electric Panel

Even if your existing panel is technically in good working condition, you may find it isn’t working for you and your needs. Panels that are older than thirty to forty years or so, were simply not made with today’s technology in mind. Homes require a great deal more electricity than they did a few decades ago. The older panels are not equipped to handle the all the electrical demands of today’s world. A couple of outlets in a room was adequate a couple decades ago, but with entertainment systems, various chargers and technology in general, that won’t do today.

If you are considering the purchase of a new home, due diligence is a must. Check the current electric panel. If possible, order an inspection to determine what condition the electrical system is in before you move forward. This can save you unexpected costs after the close of the home.

The following are some other reasons you will want to consider an electric panel upgrade.

  • Your home has a 60-amp service panel or a 100-amp service that doesn’t meet your electrical needs.
  • Lack of adequate number of electrical outlets
  • Planning to install a new AC, hot tub, swimming pool or electric car charging system that requires a 240-volt circuit
  • Remodeling or adding onto your home or additional room or living space that will require additional lights and outlets
  • Adding a home office or a work space that requires a subpanel
  • Getting A kitchen remodel or upgrade will probably include more appliances that will require more electricity

Replacing the Electric Panel

If you have made the decision to replace your old panel, the work must be completed by a licensed electrician. Permits will be required for the work and there will be inspections to check the installation. Electric panels are the hub of your home. Having a panel that meets your needs with a little room to spare means you will never have to fight over outlets again when you need to charge your phone.

Having a more efficient and technologically friendly, electrical panel and electrical system will allow you to enjoy the freedom of having plenty of electricity available to meet all of your electrical needs. In some cases, you may even find your homeowner’s insurance company will give you a discount because of a panel upgrade.

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